by Garrett | 9:27 am

Other Services

  • Flexible storage units– We have storage units of various sizes. Our units are not all cubical. We also have rectangular storage units, so that you pay for only the amount of space you really need. Our smallest possible storage unit and largest storage unit will be smaller and larger than that of any other professional moving and storage.

  • Optional packing service– Some professional packers and movers charge for both, packing and moving, even if you want to do the packing yourself. We leave the decision to you. If you have private items, or want to pack everything on your own, we do not charge for packing.
  • Customized packing service– We make sure to take care of fragile items, inflammable items, and other damage-prone items the way they need to be taken care of. We have fireproof and waterproof units for moving fragile items. Our professional moving and storage company employs 5 layer packing to protect the most fragile items.
  • Speedy delivery– If you hire our professional moving and storage facility team, chances are, your belongings will reach the new destination before you. Of course, unless you decide to move along with the packers and movers. All we are saying is, you do not have to wait in an unfurnished new apartment for your belongings to reach.
  • 24*7 service– We provide 24*7 assistance for all kinds of queries and applications. We also allot emergency storage units. Say a misfortunate fire forced you to move your belongings out immediately, your prized possessions will find a safe place for as long as you need.
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